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Web Monitoring
The objective of the Web Monitoring Program, developed in 2013, is to characterize themes and sentiments posted to the worldwide web regarding prescription drug abuse, misuse, and associated consequences (addiction, overdose, and death). The Web Monitoring Program is a real-time surveillance system that collects and organizes posts about prescription drugs on social media websites, blogs and forums.
Surveillance conducted via the Web Monitoring Program can serve as an early detection system to monitor new drug trends or emerging activity of new drugs entering the market. The richness of descriptive information can provide context to emerging trends and is complimentary to the data generated in the other RADARS® System programs by lending context and depth.

The surveillance population for the Web Monitoring Program consists of individuals posting statements related to prescription drugs of interest on the internet. A robust, commercially available web monitoring platform is used to monitor online posts and provides a comprehensive view of how active pharmaceutical ingredients or specific drug products are discussed on the internet. All posts are tracked and organized in a systematic way, which allows a trained team of coders to review and code the data.

Main sources:
• Social media websites and videos
• Forums
• Blogs
• News